SFS Links and Client Support

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - Shared Financial System (SFS) client support web pages. These web pages are dedicated to the support, configuration, and maintenance of PeopleSoft clients and workstations by technical staff on any University of Wisconsin campus. We also keep an updated list of URL links to all SFS environments.

SFS Production Environment

SFS Production (WIFed) WISDM Production

Production Support Environments

SFTRAIN (Refresh from 11-17-2018 16:00) WIFed
SFQA (Refresh from 11-16-2018 16:00) WIFed
SFDEV (Refresh from 11-10-2018 16:00) WIFed
SFPRREL2 (Refresh from 11-14-2018 16:53:00) WIFed
WISDM Test standalone(SFWAQ, data loaded from SFS prod nightly) WIFed
WISDM Test for SFQA(SFDAT, data loaded from SFQA nightly) WIFed
PSA Links ( Development and Test Accounts ): PSA

UWSA SFS Main Page


For assistance, please contact uwsaproblemsolvers@uwsa.edu

Last modified 10/05/2018