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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - Shared Financial System (SFS) client support web pages. These web pages are dedicated to the support, configuration, and maintenance of PeopleSoft clients and workstations by technical staff on any University of Wisconsin campus. We also keep an updated list of URL links to all SFS environments.

SFS Production Environment

SFS Production (WIFed) SFS Production Backdoor WISDM Production

SFS 9.1 Environments

EnvironmentFrontdoor LinkBackdoor LinkWISDM
SFPRREL1 (Refresh from 07/03/2016 1:26:05 AM) WIFed Backdoor N/A
SFPRREL2 (Refresh from 04/24/2016) WIFed Backdoor N/A
SFDEMO N/A Backdoor N/A
SFDEV (Refresh from 09-10-2016 22:00:00) WIFed Backdoor N/A
SFQA (Refresh from 09-10-2016 22:00:00) WIFed Backdoor WISDM Test for SFQA (SFDAT, data loaded from SFQA nightly)
SFTRAIN (Refresh from 09-10-2016 22:00:00) WIFed Backdoor N/A
WISDM Test N/A N/A WISDM Test standalone (SFWAQ, data loaded from SFS prod nightly)


All Financials and PeopleTools Peoplebooks (Oracle Hosted)

SFS Windows Client Installation and Configuration: Application Designer and nVision Client

For workstation requirements, see the ClientInstall directory on our fileserver.

Changing your SFSCLIENT Domain Password on the File Servers via the Web: Using Internet Explorer


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