How to Change your SFS File Server Password
with Microsoft Internet Explorer

Changing your password on the SFS file servers is easy but you need to know what it is currently set to. Please contact your local SFS support person if you do not know this.

Start your web browser. Go to

In the process of retrieving the password changing form, you will see a warning from Internet Explorer:

This warning is telling you that Internet Explorer does not recognize the signer of the the certificate that is being used to encrypt the web page. Don't worry -- the Division of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin signed the certificate. We did it because it is not a good idea to send passwords across a network without some sort of encryption, and this method provides some basic encryption. You can click Yes. You will be presented with the password-changing form:

Enter your information in the fields displayed.  Leave the Domain field set to SFS. Enter your Old Password. For the New Password, enter the password you usually use to log into your departmental network.

When you have completed the form, press Change Password. If there was an error, that information will be displayed. If it completed successfully, you will see the following:

If it tells you that your password has been changed, you're done. If it gives you an error, look below for a description of that error. Then press the Back button in Netscape and correct the problem. If the problem persists, contact SFS technical support for assistance.

Error Number



The "Domain" field is incorrect. Insure that it is set to SFS.
#86 Your old password was not correct. Please contact your local SFS support person.
#2221 You entered a username that isn't recognized by the file servers. Go back and insure that you are entering the correct user name in the "User Name" field. In most cases, your username will match your LAN login ID at your campus.
#2245 You did not specify a new password. Make sure all the fields are filled in.


Copyright 1998 University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. Last modified 09/22/03 by Dale Lucier.